Mother’s Day according to Daddy

It was a beautiful Mother’s Day morning today. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the kids didn’t get up too early. Once everyone was up, and too rambunctious for our bed, we went out and enjoyed a lovely waffle breakfast. Raine and Carter like waffles, but they were really excited for Momma to open her presents, so that soon followed. They each had a box for her to open. Carter was so exited, you would have thought the present was FOR him instead of FROM him.

Kim finally got the last few charms to fill up her bracelet. She has been getting a few for every holiday and special occasion since Christmas, and now it is full.

The last present she opened was a book from Grandma Dewey.

Carter knew it was a book before it was opened, and once the wrapping paper came off he wasn’t going to do anything until he had read that book.

After presents, we all got dressed and went to church. The sacrament speakers were great, Raine did a fabulous job in her first time singing with the primary, and the Bishopric counted tithing during priesthood so we could go home as soon as church was over. That was nice.

I don’t want to brag too much, but when we got home I made a pretty darn good dinner of boneless pork ribs, broccoli, watermelon and croissants. Very tasty indeed!

It was a wonderful day of reflection and celebration of mothers, and all they do for us.

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