Raine’s 10th birthday

Raine turned 10 on Friday. A full decade. Two full hands. Double digits. A tween. How could this be possible?


Donuts for breakfast, courtesy of Dad.


An electric scooter.





20180921_8925 - Copy

Carter gave her a Caboodle (flash-back to the 90’s), which she loved!


Birthday cupcakes.



On Saturday, Raine wanted to get her nails done and eat at Texas Roadhouse, so we did.





How can I describe Raine? She is smart, sometimes too smart for her own good. She believes that she can do anything and doesn’t hesitate to try new things (as long as it is HER idea). She is sarcastic and sassy and we butt heads all the time because she always thinks she is right, but I always AM right!

Raine loves fashion and glitter and everything girly. She is prissy and flighty and drives poor Carter crazy sometimes! She loves dancing and singing to Kids-Bop songs. This week she started playing the viola in the district orchestra.

She is still a voracious reader, she is also a master speller. Her standardized reading, writing, and verbal IQ scores consistently put her in the top 99% of kids her age. Her math scores do not!

Raine keeps us on our toes and challenges us intellectually as often as she can. It will be interesting to see where this kid ends up in life because she is sure to do great things.

Current stats…
height: 59-1/8″ (7/8″ shy of 5′ and 1-7/8″ taller than last year)
weight: 75.8 lbs
shoe size: women’s 9 (we can now share shoes even though my feet are still slightly bigger)

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