Table Rock Lake – day 1


Friday, June 19 we loaded up our rented pick-up truck and drove 7 hours to the Westgate Branson Lakes Resort on Table Rock Lake, just outside Branson, Missouri. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson had a “bonus week” through their timeshare that we used to rent our condo for next to nothing.



Saturday we walked around Emerald Point and picked up some milk and eggs for breakfast from the marina store. The remainder of the day we spent kayaking and swimming in the lake. The water level was about 15 feet above normal and came up into the trees in front of the condo so we went down to the marina where the trees had been cleared.






We thought Tucker hated water, so we were shocked when he headed straight into the lake and plopped down. He swam non-stop.

By the time we got back to the condo, he was exhausted. Fortunately, we had a screened patio where he could dry off and nap.

Raine and Carter vegged at the condo while Daddy and I ran to the local grocery store to pick up food for the week so that we could socially distance as much as possible on our vacation. We were glad that we did when we heard about a COVID-19 breakout at a restaurant in Branson!


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