Kindergarten field trip

Thursday, Raine and I went on a field trip with her kindergarten class. Raine was so disappointed that I couldn’t attend her last field trip . . . there was no way I could miss this one!


Our first stop was the Casa Manana Theater, where we watched “Frosty the Snowman.”


Raine and her good friend Mayla, waiting for the play to start.


Our next stop was the west campus of Temple Christian. We ate lunch there, then continued on to a nursing home. The kids sang Christmas carols to the residents, then gave them goodie bags and pictures they had colored.

“Away in a Manger” (Raine is over on the left side of the group, in the back, wearing a pink jacket)

“Jingle Bells”

This trip was a fun opportunity to meet the people that Raine spends so much time with. Now when she tells me stories about her day, I have a better understanding of who and what she is talking about. It is also fun to get a visual reminder of what a good kid Raine is!

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