Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas-eve day was a gorgeous, albeit cool, day. The kids rode their bikes down to the playground and Momma tried out “our” new camera. (Since I’m the only one who ever uses it, it seems more appropriate to say “my,” but it was technically a family present so I will say “our.” I look forward to the day when I really know how to use it.)

The playground is always more fun when Daddy comes . . . so you can play frisbee . . .

. . . and get a big UNDERDOG!!!!

That evening we crossed the street to the Eastman’s house for a Christmas sing-along with a number of our friends.
After the kids were in bed, Daddy ran up to the hospital to make a bishopric visit to a member who had just suffered another heart attack — what better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than by doing what He would have done.

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