My little fish

Today was Raine’s last day of swim lessons and I’ll be honest, it ended in tears. Raine had so much fun in the water that she didn’t want to get out. She could have stayed in there for hours and still not have gotten enough, so the 30 minute classes were WAY too short.

Last Friday DJ was able to skip work for a few hours so he could swim with Raine.

They practiced scoops, kicking, blowing bubbles, and jumping off the side.

Raine has been the teacher’s special helper the entire two weeks. She LOVES Ms Patricia and runs over to her every chance she gets. Patricia uses Raine to demonstrate the skills and then always takes her out to play motorboat a few times.

Since today was “fun day” and DJ wasn’t there to take Raine down the slides, Ms Patricia took her. As soon as they made it to the bottom Raine would drag her back up to the top to do it again. Raine even went down the white slide by herself with Ms. Patricia at the bottom to catch her. No wonder she didn’t want to leave!

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