Mother’s Day 2014

I love mother’s day gifts that illustrate what my kids are REALLY thinking. In primary, the kids colored flowers and wrote what they really think about their mother.

This is Carter’s flower — the translation is below.

My mom makes the best: cookies
My favorite thing to do with my mom is: play swords
My mom loves me because: I have a super hero towel
(As I was reading this one I said, “Carty, you don’t have a super hero towel.” His reply came as he batted his best puppy-dog eyes, “No, but I want one.”)

Raine made this flower.

My mom makes the best: bred (bread)
My favorite thing to do with my mom is: play
My mom is good at: cooking
My mom is as beautiful as: a flower
My mom teaches me: the bible
My mom loves me because: I help hr (her)
I love my mom because: she is the best

This was her note on the back:

I love you mom becos (because) you mack (make) the best bred (bread) and becos you let us watch moovy’s (movies)
Your the best

There are no photos to post because I’m the only one who ever takes them and I didn’t bother pulling out the camera. But here is a lovely drawing of me and Raine that she drew in her card for me!


And here is my mother’s day gift. It is a stretched canvas modge-podged with hand prints and captions.


Don’t tell DJ, but I actually asked his second counselor’s wife if her husband had helped him make it (he is very artistic). She said that she was pretty sure her husband didn’t have anything to do with it. It just seemed so unlike DJ to be so crafty. I don’t even own a bottle of modge podge after all!

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