Primary Temple Trip 2014


Saturday, May 31 was our annual Primary Temple Trip — we sure love this little outing! The kids sit on the lobby steps, across from the recommend desk, while a member of the temple presidency and a temple matron talk to them. After that, they sing “I love to see the Temple” and the divide between earth and heaven almost seems to disappear. Then we turn them loose outside in what is supposed to be a self-guided tour, but always devolves into chaos before we’ve even gotten half-way. By the time we reach the water fountains it is pure pandemonium! But it is a great experience every time.


Raine always loves to touch the temple because “when you touch the temple, the temple touches you” (President Monson).


Carter DID NOT want his picture taken. But I got some anyway!




At one point, I was taking Carter to the restroom by the waiting room and he looked at all the doors (showers, closets, etc) and asked, “Is Jesus in one of these doors?” I told him that Jesus wasn’t behind one of those, but when we got back out front I showed him the big ornate doors and told him that Jesus was behind those. I’m pretty sure that Carter was expecting to meet Jesus while we were there — it is His house, after all.





Someone told us about the secret garden, so we slipped away from the group to find it.


One thought on “Primary Temple Trip 2014

  1. Ashley

    Wow you really got some great pictures of your kids, and the family picture is great too! Sad I missed it this year. Your description is spot on. Sweet spiritual moments and then pretty much organized chaos outside. It’s so great for the kids to have this experience, though. Loved your pictures!


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