Carter’s preschool music program

Raine and I went to Carter’s music program at St Philip’s on the 27th and it was hilarious, as usual! Raine loved seeing all her old teachers, classmates (they were all in pre-K this year), and friends.

Here is Carter waiting for the younger classes to finish.


The three-year-old class all lined up with their teachers Ms Lenise and Ms Melissa.


Carter made a best friend this year — Kaden. He is the tall boy in the red school shirt, third from the left. Carter also liked to play with Morgan, the little girl in a plaid skirt and rain boots, and Brody, the little guy on the right holding Ms Melissa’s hand.



Here is the video:

In case you were wondering what they are singing in the first song, here are the lyrics (the video starts part way through the verse):

Monday, Monday, reach and run day
Tuesday, Tuesday, tap your shoes day
Wednesday, Wednesday, stretch and bend day
Thursday, Thursday, twist and turn day
Friday, Friday, jump up high day
Saturday, Saturday, pat your body day
Sunday, Sunday, that’s the one day
We can rest and do nothing at all

Now clap, clap, clap for the weekly rap
Count to seven and do it again
(Repeat first verse)

Now clap, clap, clap for the weekly rap
Count to seven and pick up speed !
(Repeat first verse with faster tempo)

Now clap, clap, clap, for the weekly rap
Count to seven and that’s the end

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