4th of July 2014

We spent Independence Day down in Corsicana, at the Walker’s grandparent’s house. It was originally planned as a bishopric retreat, but the first-counselor’s family couldn’t make it so it ended up being a fun get-away with the Walkers and Eastmans. Ashley’s parents own a beautiful home on Richland Chambers Reservoir and they hosted us for a fantastic day on the lake!

Raine loved the boat and tube, even though she fell off once. She spent the entire day on the water.



Raine and Boston

Carter eventually consented to a short ride in the boat.


But as soon as it was over, he booked it back up the house . . .


. . . to the baby pool! He spent the entire day in there.


Once everyone was sufficiently worn out, they vegged in front of a movie.

Raine and Cade


After sunset we all sat on the dock, watching the fireworks along the shore. None of the kids like the loud explosions of fireworks, so it was perfect for them to watch from a distance. They enjoyed the glow sticks more than the fireworks anyway!

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