Girls’ night out and skipping with the mayor


Friday night we planned a fun Mother/Daughter and Father/Son date night. Unfortunately, it turned into a girls’ night out when Daddy came home from work to find his date conked out! Poor Carter is trying to give up naps, but sometimes he just can’t make it!


Raine and I had fun at the Artisan Theater watching “Pinkalicious” — a VERY fitting musical for little Miss Pinka-Roo!


Saturday morning the kids and I went to a nearby park for a walking town hall meeting with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.


I was very impressed with the Mayor. She handled tough questions from local residents without giving any lip-service. She was very knowledgeable and well-spoken. I will definitely vote for her again.

Raine’s vote was locked in when the Mayor took her hand and they skipped off across the park!


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