Mom’s birthday

My birthday celebration started on Saturday, February 6 when we went to dinner at Baker Bros Deli on West 7th and then to the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo.

This was the only photo that I managed to take!

The rodeo was great! It was finals night so the competitors were some of the best cowboys and cowgirls in the world. We’ve been to rodeos many times before, but on this night, we discovered that Raine is an animal rights activist at heart. She sat with her eyes closed and her hands over her ears during every event that included calves — calf roping, team roping, steer wrestling. She didn’t have a problem with the bronc riding or the bull riding though.

My actual birthday was on Tuesday. I was in court that morning (watching helplessly as one of my case workers sank our entire case because she didn’t read her file before getting on the witness stand), fortunately, my legal assistant had brought doughnuts that morning! As soon as we finished there, we headed to Yucatan Taco Stand where we met the rest of the office for a birthday lunch and a delicious Nothing-Bunt-Cake! When I arrived back at my office I found these beauties sitting on my desk with a nice card from my secretary and legal assistant. My co-workers are the best, I love working with them.


That night, the kids had a QR-code scavenger hunt set up for me. It led me to Godiva Chocolates, dinner at Brio Tuscan Gill in the Southlake Town Center . . .


. . . and then home for a cake from Celebrity Bakery and ice cream from Milwaukee Joes. (This family of mine knows EXACTLY what I like!!!)



It was way past bedtime by the time we finished our cake so we saved presents for the next morning.



Daddy and the kids gave me this gorgeous Pandora ring, I spent all day admiring it.


I had a great birthday this year. It was filled with all of my favorite things and favorite people!

One thought on “Mom’s birthday

  1. Sue

    Happy birthday, again! I’m glad your family knows what you like!
    Your animal rights activist Raine reminds me of Sarah at about that same age. We went to the rodeo on the 24th of July and she was so distressed about seeing those calves being roped, it was the very last time we went to the rodeo!


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