Utah (part 1)

Wednesday, June 27

The kids and I flew to Utah. Carter barely squeaked in as a lap baby, but lucky for us they saved him a seat so we didn’t have to share. Thanks to the portable DVD player, the iPod, and toys from the Target dollar spot, our flight was a breeze. Well, except when Raine had to go potty.

Airplane bathrooms are barely big enough for one person. Cram yourself in there with a small child and it is a TIGHT fit. When you have two small children, there is no way you are all going to fit. So what do you do? The three-year-old has no idea how to work the fixtures in an airplane bathroom so you have to go in . . . but the one-year-old can’t be left outside by himself. It was a situation I hadn’t anticipated. Luckily, we survived without violating any federal laws. I happened to glance out of the bathroom just in time to see Carter’s chubby little fingers reaching for the intercom telephone next to him on the jump-seat . . . one split-second away from alerting the pilot that there was Trouble on board!

We spent our first three days at Grandma and Grandpa Anderson’s house in Orem. Raine loved the daily trips to their gigantic garden. Here is Grandpa showing her how to pick beans.

Carter couldn’t get enough of Grandma’s remote control tractor.

Saturday, June 30

Daddy arrived and we headed up to Sarratoga Springs to visit the Browns. After that, we made a brief stop in Woods Cross at Grandma and Grandpa Dewey’s house before heading up to Fruit Heights where Daddy’s high school buddies got together for a family BBQ. We spent the next two days at Grandma and Grandpa Dewey’s house.

Sunday, July 1

We were there for the monthly family birthday dinner which was a lot of fun. Most of the family was there — Aunt Katie and her family live in Ohio so they weren’t able to attend, but we got to see everyone else.

Carter was so excited to get presents!

Raine couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t getting any presents when it seemed like everyone else was. After we explained, she was content to help Carter with his.

Grandma, Carter, Uncle Tom (oops, somehow I managed to cut off his head), Parker, Aunt Karin, and a few helpers blowing out their candles.

Monday, July 2

We took Grandma out for a birthday breakfast and then drove into downtown Salt Lake City to see the temple. First we met up with the Browns at the City Creek Center to splash around in the fountains. Parker, Bryce, Rachel, Raine, and Carter — notice who is the wettest!

This is why he was so wet. His negligent mother let him get IN the fountain.

Next, I took my soggy kids over to the south visitor center at Temple Square so we could see the temple.

Unfortunately, the temple was under renovation and this was as close as we could get. Raine was really hoping to get close enough to touch the temple.

That evening we drove up through the mountains to Bear Lake for the Anderson Family Reunion.

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