Raine’s first ballet class

Raine started ballet four weeks ago and today was the final day of the first session. Parents were invited inside the studio to watch what the girls have been learning. This was my first time in a ballet class so I was very excited to see what exactly was going on in there (Raine’s vague descriptions weren’t cutting it). Even though the class resembled herding sheep more than performing arts, it was fun to watch. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge the camera before I left so most of the still-shots are from my phone, i.e. terrible quality, I wanted to save what little battery I had for video.

The class started with stretching. It is easy to spot Raine, she was the only one not in a tutu. She refused to wear one. I asked her every time if she wanted to wear a leotard and/or tutu and she said no, just a skirt. That was more than fine with me!

Next was centre work.

Here is Raine with her teacher Ms. Tish.

Then, it was “goof-off time.” The class was broken into groups and each one had a turn to dance “free-style.”

Last they worked on technique, but I didn’t get any still-shots of that. The video has a little bit of everything.

Afterward, Raine’s teacher told me that she is one of the most advanced in her class. (Is that really saying much after seeing the chaos? 😉 ) Raine loves formal classes and following instructions, so this was right up her ally. When we return from Utah she will start the second session.

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