Found on the camera

I was scrolling through photos on the camera the other day and half my memory card was filled with pictures like this.

I asked Raine, “What are these?”
She very proudly responded, “Pictures of my pretty toes!”
(This particular photo shows the lines from her ballet shoes. She has been wearing those things non-stop since she started class three weeks ago. Apparently she took them off just long enough to take some more photos of her toes.)

There were also a number of body-shots from a three-foot-high perspective on my camera. As unflattering as they were, it gave me some appreciation of how my children see me!

Carter is another of Raine’s favorite subjects. The photos of him are always VERY close-up!

Snitching berries before dinner.

Here is one of my personal favorite photos of late. I sent Raine off to get some underpants after a bath, Carter of course followed, and this is how they came out several minutes later. She definitely got some underpants!

Here are a few photos from my phone. I love this one of Carter. While Raine was at school, he would make sure to get plenty of use out of her favorite girl toys. Notice the princess shoes, bracelet, baby carrier, etc.

These two definitely keep life interesting.

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