Austria – day 1-3

Thursday 12/26 we landed at the Frankfurt airport early in the morning. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson picked us up and we started driving to Landeck, Austria where we spent the first 4 days of our trip.

Entering the Austrian Alps.

The view from our apartment.

Friday and Saturday (12/27-28) we drove up to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort and skied until we were exhausted.

The road up to Ladis was narrow, steep, and snow-covered.



Carter’s snowboarding skills have come a long way, especially considering he has never had a lesson from anyone who has ever snowboarded, just Mom!
Screenshot_20191229-212047_Video Player

Carter bellying up to the bar with a Sprite.

Raine found out the hard way that the trail ratings in Europe are not quite the same as in the U.S. We ended up on a VERY steep run for a couple minutes and she somersaulted her way down part of it! There were some tears, and cursing of Mom, but eventually she made it down and we had a BEAUTIFUL view over the fresh powder.



Yummy goulash stew for lunch— well, for me anyway, I think Raine had a hamburger or something equally non-European.


Saturday afternoon, Grandpa Anderson borrowed my gear and skied a run with Carter before declaring that that one run was all his almost-70 year old legs could handle!
20200105_162853_GpaSki2 (2)


Here’s a short clip of Carter snowboarding at the end of the first day (he was very tired and the run was pretty icy), Raine skiing early the second day, and Grandpa skiing with Carter the end of the second day.

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