Austria – day 4

Sunday morning (12/29) we drove an hour to Innsbruck to attend church. We got lucky and an American sister missionary interpreted for us over headsets.

After church we did a little sightseeing. First stop was Old Town where we saw the Golden Roof and the Christkindle Markt on Herzog-Friedrich-Stra├če.

Standing along the Inn river near Old Town.

Raine in front of the Swarovski Crystal tree. When you stood under it, looking up, the crystals all sparkled in the sunlight.

The Golden Roof.


Grandpa, Raine, Grandma, and Carter
20191229_123607 (2)

Helbling House

Spitalskirche (aka Hospital Church of the Holy Spirit) or as we called it… the pink church.

The inside of this church was incredibly ornate.

After leaving Old Town, we drove up to the Olympic park. When I went there, back in 1998, you could drive right up to the rings. Unfortunately, now you can’t get to the rings without paying a ridiculously huge fee to enter the park. So we just enjoyed the overlook and saw the rings from a distance.



The large Wilten cemetery is right there in the middle of the photo with the Wilten Abby behind it.

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