Raine vs. the Big-Big Hill

. . . the hill won.

Those are the worst two; she also has road rash down her entire left thigh, left elbow, right forearm, and the palms of her hands. She told Daddy that she went “sledding, but without the sled.” That was a very big hill and a very big crash!

Momma’s towing and ambulance service. (My legs were burning by the time I got all that home!)

I have said in the past that Raine is one tough cookie . . . not any more! Don’t get me wrong, it was a horrible crash with some really nasty injuries, but there has been no end to the whining the past two days. Maybe it’s just the big things like broken arms and split chins that she handles well! I’d rather not test that hypothesis. At least her silliness wasn’t injured!

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