Fourth of July, 2013


The weather was crazy cool this week so we had all sorts of outside fun. Tuesday evening we invited a bunch of families over for a cook-out in the back-yard. Thursday morning Daddy and the kids washed the cars . . . and a couple of kids!


That evening we headed over to the Hurst Stars and Stripes celebration. They have live bands playing on the stage and a whole field full of bounce houses for the kids.



As the sun started to set we hit the food trucks and did a little dancing to the music played by the disco cover band.


Last week, I stocked up on all sorts of fun glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia at Target. We pulled it out while we waited for the show. The kids loved it!


Carter had a glow-stick ball and Daddy had this awesome hat and helicopter glow-sticks.


I decided to take one last photo before the fireworks started and managed to capture Raine’s face as the first one shot overhead! She spent the entire show with her eyes closed and my hands over the earphones — she really hates fireworks! By the time it was over, she was asleep on my lap!


Happy Independence Day!


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