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Raine had been begging me, incessantly, to make her a Rapunzel dress. I kept telling her no, that she could put it on her birthday wish-list and maybe I would buy her one. I’m not the creative, crafty type and my time is far better spent doing other things. But Raine IS the creative, crafty type and she wore me down. She knew exactly what she wanted and the dresses available online were NOT it. In a moment of weakness, my right brain overtook my left brain and we found ourselves at the fabric store buying supplies. Then we came home and I made her a dress. (Yes Mom, pick up your jaw from off the floor; I sewed something . . . by myself. At one point I even uttered the words, “hmmm, this probably needs some interfacing. I better add some.”) I found the pattern here¬†and modified it to fit Raine’s height and the image in her head.

Raine was thrilled with the end result; it was EXACTLY what she wanted.


Raine wore her new dress to The Little Mermaid marionette show in Grapevine on Wednesday. The theatre said to come dressed up like a princess, so Raine did. They even gave her a big flowery bracelet for doing so.


The show was really neat. It’s amazing what they can do with those puppets (although they are a little creepy looking up close).


Posing with Ariel after the show. The puppeteer is standing above her on the edge of the stage, posing the arms and head of the puppet for the photo. Raine claims she liked standing by Ariel, but I think her body language tells a different story!


Carter found this statue to be much less scary than the puppets and climbed up next to it on our way back to the car.


Not only did I make Raine a superb princess dress, I also helped her make this awesome 3D Rapunzel tower.


She LOVED it!


Yes, I have definitely moved up a few rungs on the “cool mom” ladder!

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