Raine’s first day of kindergarten

Raine has been excitedly anticipating the start of kindergarten for at least six months, so when the big day finally arrived she was ready to get going.


Mom, on the other hand, was not as prepared. I turned on the camera to take this picture of Raine outside her school and realized that the battery was dead. Fortunately, I brought a second camera and so was able to get a picture before she lost all patience and headed to class.

Once inside, she sat right down and got to work storing her new school supplies in the table-caddy. I stood there trying to get the settings right on the back-up camera in order to take a photo with Mrs. Boegner. But alas, this was all I got before it was time for parents to get out so they could get down to the business of kindergarten.


Raine is going to love kindergarten. I have no doubt that we made the right decision in starting her a year earlier at a private school. It will be fun to see her learn and be challenged academically this year!

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