Three! Three! Look at me!!!

Raine had been waiting for this day for over two months, and it finally arrived with as much fan-fare as we could muster. Daddy took the day off work so we could celebrate. We started the morning with some of the chocolate muffins that Raine took to school to share with her class. We lit the candles, sang happy birthday (twice), and Raine blew them out.

Next, we got ready to head to the zoo. But before we left, Raine got to open one of her presents so she could take it with her.

Yep, her very own bag of Nibs. Daddy received a bag for his birthday and you could see the longing in her face . . . she wanted a bag of her own. So she was thrilled to finally be the proud owner of a large bag of Nibs. She ate them whenever she wanted to eat them and was fantastic at sharing with everyone (a little too fantastic at sharing with Carter in fact).

At the zoo we fed the birds, a favorite activity that Raine has passed on to Carter.

Raine showing me how to stand like a flamingo.

Raine riding the carousel.

Carter collecting acorns.

Raine in front of the giraffes.

I love this photo, it so accurately depicts what happens when you try to take too many photos of your kids. Just look at Raine’s face, priceless.

After the zoo, we opened a couple more presents.

This fur-real pet barks and walks around, and is as close to a real dog as we will ever own. Raine LOVED it and named it Sydney, a name she came up with all on her own.

Raine also received a purse, which she immediately loaded with all of her “necessities.” Raine loves to put stuff in stuff — puzzle pieces in tupperware, blocks in serving bowls, my makeup in her block sorter, etc. Her hoarding is quite extreme at times, so I have no doubt that this purse will remain well filled.

Next we were off to Panera Bread, Raine’s favorite restaurant.

The reason this is Raine’s favorite restaurant is that they have giant M&M cookies (or “nem-n-nem cookies” as she calls them).

Raine ate that whole cookie by herself — a first, and definitely a last. Why a last? Carter, can you show us why cookies should only be eaten in moderation?

Yes, that’s right! (I love the “belly stage” and Carter just entered it. He lifts up his shirt and points to his belly button all the time. I could just eat him up!!)

After dinner, a little sibling hug and kiss (yep, that’s how Carter kisses, it is a very wet, messy affair) . . .

. . . turned into a full-on tickle war.

After a bath, Raine opened the rest of her presents.

She jammed on her new guitar . . .

. . . then read the new books that Grandma gave her and went to bed. It was a fun, fun day!

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