2nd grade hoedown

Thursday evening was the 2nd-grade hoedown. We raced over after soccer practice; Raine changed clothes in the bathroom while Carter grabbed a snack so he didn’t die before dinner. The second graders square danced to 12 songs that they have been working on in PE.


As we were picking clothes, it became immediately apparent that we are not true Texans. Raine didn’t have any western apparel in her wardrobe, we couldn’t even find a bandanna for her to wear! My grandparents square-danced most of their married lives, and I have one of Grandma’s dresses and Grandpa’s matching shirt, but it is way too big for Raine. I’ll have to make sure we remedy this lack of appropriate clothing before the next western-themed event.


Here is a video with highlights from 3 of their dances. There are more boys than girls in the 2nd grade and Raine’s group was one of two that had 5 boys and 3 girls.

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